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Airfares from Rome to Melbourne

Hello fellow Aussies,

My partner and I have been in Italy for over 12 months now.  Like many other Australians, we miss family and friends and would like to travel back to Melbourne.  Our friends in Italy have been very good to us and have let us an apartment.  Today, after the kind assistance from the Rome consulate, we received a call from Etihad that a flight was available on the 28th April.

We don't want government help with a loan to pay for our flights.  Our previous flight costs, economy return Melb-Romewere some A$1500 each.  When Etihad called I said we were keen to go on the 28th April if we could afford the flight.  The economy option put to me was not guaranteed but the business class was more likely to be available.  This was the Etihad representative reply regrading one way airfares via Abu Dhabi:

Economy €5906 (roughly A$9150) per person.  For two, A$18300

Business €14627 (roughly A$22670) per person. For two, A$45340

So, if we were lucky enough to secure economy seats, the cost to get back home would be:

Airfares: A$18300

Hotel Quarantine Costs for 2: A$4000?? We don't know whether there will be extras like food and beverage?

Covid-19  Tests:?

At best, this would be A$22300 which we just can't afford.  A more like scenario involving a business class flight would be A$49340!!!!!

We are so frustrated.  Our Italian friend/neighbour who is married to an American booked return flight to Atlanta for less than €1000 including travel insurance.  I know it is not comparing apples to apples but holy moly, the Australian government has to find a way of safely opening up the border with reasonable caps!

Stay Safe.

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    • Oh man what a bloody disgrace. Good luck 

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      • We are in a similar situation with my wife and 7 year old daughter from Antalya Turkey trying to return to Sydney for the past 18 months.. We have run out of money and can’t afford the flight tickets..

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        • Hi, I feel for you. My wife and I are in France. We are staying put until the lunatics leave the asylum. If you'd like moral support then contact us. Best regards, Ian & Adriane 

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          • Hi Ian, thank you.  we are ok, just incredibly frustrated. we can’t believe the Australian government attitude towards its citizens offshore.  

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          • Hi there, I managed to get a domestic JAL flight from London to Tokyo to Syd last Nov 2020. I understand too well the worries of costs everyone is going through. 

            At the moment the cost of hotel quarantine is as below:

            Travellers will be charged $3,000 for one adult; additional occupants will be added as follows: additional adults: $1,000 each. children (under 18): $500 each.

            more info on this link here

            They give plenty of food 3 x times a day. (A worrying amount of plastic takeaway containers too!) there's fresh fruit & options for vegetarian or meat and they will adhere to any dietary requirements.

            I wouldn't spend on ordering extra food once in, there's plenty and the nurse calls daily and in week 2 I was desperate for wine as my step father passed away I wasn't allowed exemption to leave early. They sent me a complimentary bottle... it's been tough, I can only hope that the petition gains momentum. Wishing you GOOD LUCK.

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