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ABC Weekend Breakfast News April 17

The UN has ruled that the Federal Government should allow the return of two stranded Australians who brought their case before the organisations Human Rights Committee. David Lipson interviews Jason. (c) 2021 ABC


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  • Thanks for taking one for the team Jason, you are representing us well.  It saddens me to listen to Australian journalists articulating the lack of sympathy for Australians abroad, this has really kept us where we are.  If only the government had said last year, "Hang in there Aussies, we will get this place safe then we will get you home", instead of "They've had plenty of time to come home", we would have had a very different public perception on our hands. A different public perception would have meant different priorities and policies.  It makes my skin crawl every time I think of how that line that was used against us.  A complete over-simplicfation of the issue and so damaging for us to hear and people back home to be repeating.

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