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StrandedAussies.org rebrands as Free&OpenAustralia

StrandedAussies.org is in the process of transitioning to its new name, Free&OpenAustralia.

The informal organisation's core group decided that the new name better reflects the outcome that its actions are aiming to achieve, that being an Australia that does not unreasonably restrict its citizens' freedom of movement and one that stays open with the rest of the world.

Of course, all of us support any and all efforts to stop the spread of Covid19 in Australia, such as vaccination, PCR testing,  masks, social distancing and quarantining. We are not aiming to have these measures lifted, but instead implore the Australian Government to deal with the international and national border closure issues with pragmatic, expeditious and effective solutions.

It is not acceptable that after more than a year, no serious funding or indeed efforts have been made to drastically increase Australia's ability to allow people to come back into Australia from overseas.

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    • Hello -- Joined today as I learned about your rebranding to support your efforts towards an Australia that stays open with the rest of the world. I'm a vaccinated American with deep personal and business ties to Australia, similarly longing for a safe and sane border policy so that I can return at some reasonable future date. Of course re-patriating Australian citizens is your first priority and I'll be an ally to that effort in whatever way I can. As you expand to broader questions on border policy, I'm happy to organize, advocate, lobby, etc. in whatever manner bring more awareness.

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      • Welcome to the community Lynn! Great to have some international allies on board 🥰

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      • Good call kids, it's now been so damn long that the wider group of Australia-associated community has also been detrimentally affected by these unnecessarily harsh and cruel policies! Love the new name, keep up the good work 🙌🏼

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