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Class Action

Hi All,  I have just contacted a large litigation firm in Australia to see if there is an opportunity for a class action against the ATO.  I believe as all of us have no way of accessing any services, education, health, social welfare, or even driving our cars on the road, we shouldn't have to pay tax either.

It's a disgrace that some of us will end up paying the Australian government for the privilege of being locked out of our own country.

I feel that the only thing the Australian government understands these days is money...just look at the movie and sports stars comfortably getting in.

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    • Hi David, I contacted Slater & Gordon in Sydney earlier this year. I got the standard auto response. 3 weeks late, after hearing nothing, I re-sent my message. I did get a response to that which in effect was, "thanks but no thanks" Having listened to Mr J Robinson on Fran Kelly's program I think it is because AU doesn't have a bill of rights, but this was not explained by S & G in their reply. If you do get a positive response, contact me please. I want some-one to be held accountable. My wife and I are stuck in France.

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      • Hi Ian, I'm stuck in France too, whereabouts are you? I'm in the Loire Atlantique. I've been getting the DFAT emails that have repatriation flights out of Frankfurt, Germany - but don't understand how I am supposed to even get there, you? 


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        • Hi Tara ,I am also stranded in Southern France and have been getting the same from DFAT.Yes how are we supposed to get to Frankfurt.I am currently trying to get my Visa Extension done again which has expired.Any hints on this situation.Take care Regards Jane 

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        • Hi All,  A bit of an update, I contacted Maurice Blackburn, they also are "not taking class actions relating to Covid", I asked for a reason, it was a "management decision".   I will contact a couple of other big players and then try some Tax Lawyers who might be interested in taking on a smaller case, maybe with just a few people.

          Ian I did not here the Fran Kelly show, however I don't think there will be a link to Tax Law and a lack of Bill of Rights (that seems more relevant to our right to return and other such things).

          The ATO has this article https://www.ato.gov.au/law/view/document?docid=ITR/IT2650/NAT/ATO/00001 on tax residency for anyone interested, but it essentially just explains our obligations.

          For those of you wondering why I have not been worrying about the legal aspects of getting home, unfortunately I worked as a consultant for many years for both Federal and State governments, I had zero expectation that they would do anything for any stranded Australian, I have seen this pattern of behaviour across so many vulnerable groups and the attitude of governments of both persuasions when it comes to assisting people in need.  I just don't believe they will do  at all for us.  Sad, but my low expectations have clearly been met.

          I am quite close to abandoning returning to Australia to live as I have now created a life in the UK.  Very sad indeed.

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          • This is a great idea ... Surely a precedent will be set somewhere, it is such an outrageous scandal. We need to keep plugging on getting media coverage. The stories I've read on here are tragic

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