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The media keep saying "500,000 Australians have returned since the start of the pandemic" - we checked the facts.

We downloaded all the data showing international arrivals and departures from the Australian Bureau of statistics, at this link:


The data shows.

ARRIVALS INTO AUSTRALIA, APR 2020 - FEB 2021 :           264,350


NET MOVEMENT (MORE DEPARTING THAN ARRIVING):   260,380 more people left than arrived since COVID started.

Seeing the departures figures are close to 500k, it is likely the 500k figure being thrown around was referring to departures.

Please do the check your self and let us know if you agree.

It is very important, as saying there are only 36,000 left and 500,000 have been brought home appears to be totally false and it damages and weakens the position of Stranded Aussies.  The fact is also, that as many if not more people are LEAVING each day as are arriving, which is why the 36,000 DFAT figure never seems to decline.

Please check our figures here:



Higher resolution screen grabs are attached.

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    • Just wondered if anyone has studied how many “diplomatic exemptions” have been applied for.  I know of at least 2 from Dubai came on student visas DURUNG MELBOURNE SECOND LOCKDOWN who were put down as consular officials but actually were not.  They paid the embassy staff to do it.  They only quarantined for 7 days in a city hotel chosen by the embassy ....

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      • Also at my work 2 weeks ago we had a foreign National apply. Had only arrived in Oz 3 weeks earlier and was out of hotel quarantine a week when they came to the interview.  How is this being allowed to happen?     Is it all people with government connections.   Like the NSW LNP guy caught getting entrance permits for people.  

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        • Interesting issue you have raised. Could you look into this a little more as I'm sure there are many stories like this.. 

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          • A Hong Kong politician with families of totally six people grant entry to Oz on tourist visa, that have been covered in news. What the hell.

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            • 4000 a week intake , 10 weeks = 40000. From the start the figures haven't added up. It's all total LIES

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