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Stranded Australians have filed legal action with the UN against the Morrison government


Stranded Australians have filed legal action against the federal government in the United Nations’ Human Rights Committee in Geneva.

The group of Australians declared the Morrison government has “arbitrarily breached their right to return to the land of their birth or citizenship”, noting they were willing to comply with the public health measures required of them, including a 14-day quarantine period.

They said the caps on incoming flights prevented them from returning home.

Geoffrey Robertson QC, who has advised the petitioners, said: “International law recognises the strong bond between individuals and their homeland and no respectable government would impose travel caps to prevent, for over a year, its citizens from returning if they are prepared to do quarantine.

“Both our political parties have, in the past, done what they can to help Australians overseas but Mr Morrison is behaving as if in a moral vacuum – he does not seem to care very much about the suffering caused to fellow Australians.”

The initiative was started by a group called ‘StrandedAussies.org’, which includes volunteers who have been impacted by the flight caps.

Article continues,  READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

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      Please help with the fight to get Stranded Aussies home and the borders opened.
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