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Dear Everyone living in Australia

As Australian citizens and Australian permanent residents that can’t get back to Australia because of the “caps” on the number of flights into Australia, we’d be very thankful, our friends and family at home, if you can read this short list of points.

  • It isn’t as simple as we were “told to come home”. We were advised words to the effect of “shelter in place if we have a safe place to stay”. Yes, Prime Minister Morrsion also said to “come home now” if not safe. None of us knew how long this would last, and we couldn’t get out of leases, quit jobs, pack and ship belongings in a short timeframe, so staying safe overseas was the best option for most of us.

  • We are very proud of what you all collectively in Australia have achieved in keeping the country effectively COVID free. We don’t want to jeopardise that and all of us agree and support a robust quarantine system to keep Australia free of COVID. As well as the protection of Quarantine, we all have to have a negative COVID test before we can get on a flight home, and many of us are now vaccinated.

  • We are not, as the media refer to us “Travellers”. We are mostly people that were living abroad and couldn't get home in a short timeframe, initially.  But ever since there was enough time to get our lives packed up - there have been huge flight restrictions (caps on incoming flights) making it very difficult to return to Australia.

  • This could just as easily have happened to you or your loved ones. We were suddenly caught out with very short notice, this could happen again and it is not ok for Australia to effectively say to us “It’s ok mates, you made your bed please lie in it”. We are Australians, if we don’t have the right to get home in an emergency, then what does it mean to be “Australian”? Please think how you would feel if it was you that couldn't get home.

  • Delaying our return is delaying us bringing back savings from overseas, that will help the Australian economy as we spend it on rent, food, shopping and so on. It is also delaying the extra tax revenue we bring when working back there.

All that we ask, is this.. For Australia to provide enough robust Quarantine capacity to allow enough of us home per week, so that the number of us stranded actually moves downward, and that quarantine is able to be booked alongside a flight, so we don’t get cancelled at the whim of the airlines trying to juggle the incoming flight caps. More quarantine space, (we don’t mind where!) and a booking system to reliably be able to get home - that’s it!

Thank you so much for reading this - it goes a long way. Please help your mates stuck overseas, give them a fair go and share this with everyone you know that lives in Australia.

Love, Us.  
(Your mates, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandpas and cousins that can’t get back to their and your homeland, Australia.)

Please share this using the Facebook and Twitter share links below. On other sites, post this link https://strandedaussies.org/page/view-post?id=48Or, if you would prefer, save share the image of the letter that is an attachment below.

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Thank you all in advance for stepping up and reaching out to help if you can. :)

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    • This is well said! Thankyou 

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