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Parent visa: How to set up a successful migration strategy for parents to remain in Australia on a visa during the pandemic?

Repatriate parents to Australia may often sound like the best option to take care of them. But how can you know if you are eligible? Which visa best suit their needs? Are they going to adapt to this new way of life?

Mary’s parents had spent a lot of time traveling in Australia. When her dad caught Covid-19 in India, she could not secure an exemption on-time. When her dad passed away, Mary’s mum got stuck in India with none of her kids around.

Then, Mary contacted World Travel Connections based on the recommendation of a friend of hers. After carefully weighting each option, Mary decided to proceed with a parent visa for her mum. The family is now finally reunited in Sydney. The visa she picked for her mum gives her full flexibility and she will be able to adapt based on her mum’s needs.



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