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Frustrated citizen

I am a dual citizen of Australia and America and I got an exemption to travel to the US to care for my aging and unwell parents. I took leave without pay from my job in Victoria Australia and was meant to return in mid Sept to return to my work in the health care sector.  My flight got canceled and I was told the next flight happening through the similar airlines was going to be December.  I informed my work about this predicament and was told I would need to resign from my position if I was unable to get back by Early Oct. I have been looking for flight and got the help with a travel agent to try and find something reasonable.  Flights going for $16 and $20,000!!! It is not reasonable to pay that amount for a flight back to my home.  It is unaffordable and unreasonable to expect people to pay this and it puts a line between those who can afford this and those who cannot.  
I am upset with the Australian government for the way they has “handled” covid and feel that making all these restrictions and not allowing people to travel overseas has made the vaccination rate very low. Why can’t Australia open up traveling to those who are fully vaccinated and stop spending all this time and money forcing people into lockdowns and impacting their mental health and life in general negatively.
Australia has tried to keep thevirus out of the country but it has failed and it is already there. Why continue to restrict and constantly try and control people’s movements and instead focus more in ensuring everyone is vaccinated fully and able to manage the virus without dying or having to over whelm the hospitals.  

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    • G'day Maya, I am hoping the current restrictions will be reviewed after the next fe'ral election (which must be held before May next year) Not much comfort to all of us still abandoned overseas or those still in the island prison, but this is my considered reading of the politics. 

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