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Participants wanted for UNSW study: Examining the effect of international travel restrictions on individuals around the world

Are you currently, or have you previously experienced delays in returning to your country of residence (‘home’) due to COVID-19 related travel restrictions or flight cancellations? We want to hear from you!

Researchers from UNSW Medicine & Health, Australia are undertaking a new study aimed at examining experiences with trying to return to your country of residence during the COVID-19 pandemic. Very little is known about the impact of COVID travel changes on individuals, and our team of researchers would like to understand what the health and financial impact has been and about the current support gaps.

The research study is looking for people who:

- Are aged 18 years and above

- Can read and understand English 

The study is open to anyone who has returned to their home or who continues to be stuck overseas. 

Complete the short 7-10 minute survey here: 


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    • Done - with, additional comments!

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      • Completed!  Some of the questions asked made me realise just how messed up in the head both my husband and I are at the moment and how this whole experience has affected us both physically too!  

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