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GET COUNTED!! We need to put a number on the number of Australians impacted by the border closures

Please everyone if you can fill in this form.

The GET COUNTED form is being run by a trusted individual with a data analytics background and your privacy is assured. Your email will not be shared with anyone.

We really need you to GET COUNTED by filling in this form, so that we can present to the media and government that it isn't just the 35,000 DFAT keep quoting that are effected by this. It is more likely to be 200,000+.  We want to find out - so please fill this in and ask everyone you know that is affected in any way to do so as well.


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    • Done! Will be interested to see just how many of us are stranded overseas!

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      • Done!!!! Can't wait to see how many of us there really are 

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        • Done, im here, bit both my wife and kids have been stuck overseas, I haven't seen them for over 2.5 years. Because i don't have deep pockets to pay over $8100 to $12500 for airfares. A friemd recently arrived back home and he told me had booked a economy ticket and was sent a link to bid to pay more for a upgrade that he won. Federal Governemnts pandering to state governments, just pushes up the airfare prices for your average Aussies, who have to make a decision if one leaves there loved ones overseas, so they can return and the federal governments failure to provide proper quarantine faculties, but can provide them for free to 501's amd failed asylum seekers for free, whilst we have to pay.   

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          • Hi admin, Done! 

            Will you be contacting the other groups (facebook/google) to get the survey completed?

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            • BRILLIANT! This is exactly what we need. Share this far and wide everyone. This is our chance to GET COUNTED and make those numbers count for something 👏

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              While you are here..

              We would love to have your support in our continued campaign efforts.

              Please share your own Stranded Aussies story. We have three petitioners cases going in front of the UN, but they are representative of all 40K + Aussies in dire straits stuck abroad. We need to hear your story. 

              Please help with the fight to get Stranded Aussies home and the borders opened.
              VIEW OUR GO FUND ME CAMPAIGN for legal fees

              Please share your story using this link here so we can best represent the scale of this humanitarian crisis.

              Please volunteer  If you feel that your skill set can help the campaign then please email us to discuss further - volunteer@freeandopenaustralia.org

              Please join our website to show your support and receive updates at https://freeandopenaustralia.org/page/Register-as-a-Stranded-Aussie