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"Utter confusion': Australians vaccinated abroad push for fair go"

You must be joking..

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  • Beyond the ridiculous - this government can't make a clear definitive path of action even after 14 months..

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    • We are both fully vaccinated here in Northern Ireland. I bet there are not many people in WA who can say that.  Actually I have just sent emails to both Federal and State MPs in our electorate, asking if we can self isolate at home, that’s assuming our commercial flight booked for September isn’t cancelled!  Be interested to see what their response is!  

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      • Hi Denise, I will be surprised if you actually get a reply from the pollies. Let us free & open Aussies know please. We're in France, my wife has had her 1st jab here, the 2nd will be in August. Cheers, Ian

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        • I've had one dose of the Sinopharm vax and due my second a few weeks -  thanks to the government of the "third world" country where I am. I don't get how a particular vax can be WHO approved and in use in many countries yet "my own" country would treat me like an anti-vax person because that vax isn't "approved" in Australia. I can assure you that this little island is doing a much better job of getting people vaccinated than the big island fortress. 

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