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prison island?

Just read a bulletin on the ABC that the fe'ral gov'mint is going to keep the AU borders closed until at least 2022. Isn't there an election due in May 2022? Could this be a reason for the woeful vaccination programme? Got to keep the masses safe until after the pollies have been ("safely" ahem!) re-elected? Just thoughts, dear stranded Aussies.

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  • Just read the same article, just what I wanted to hear after being stranded for 16 months already.  And I bet if there is a federal election, we will all be fined for not voting!

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    • Hi Denise. If there's an election you would be able to vote at your embassy or if that's not possible you can do pre-poll or postal votes or whatever it's called. One would hope that they could come up with a suitable method for people who are locked out. But then again they still haven't got proper quarantine so why did I even say that? 

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    • Hi Denise, Adriane & I have been in France since Mar last year. I agree with you, we will be fined. I think we will need to contact the AU electoral commission/office to give an excuse. I'm in the process of contacting AU constitutional experts to see what has to be done to change the AU constitution so that those in power can never do this to Aussies ever again. Hopefully, openandfreeaustralia.org is doing the same.

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