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Trying to return home with mum

In 2018 my mum suffered a cerebal stroke. Although she has made a strong recovery, she isn’t able to manage fully on her own and has no other carers in the UK.  Being on the other side of the world is a constant worry, particularly during the pandemic which has impacted so many people around the world. 

I came to visit my mum three months ago - completing quarantine and then spending valuable time with her. 
I am her only family, she is mine, and we are lucky enough to have an extremely close relationship. 

I flew to England to be able to then fly with my mother home to Australia with me, where I can care for her. 
She is unable to fly alone due to her stroke last year, and I want to be able to be the best possible son I can be for her,
and have her recover fully with me in Australia, in my home. 

I have applied for a travel exemption for my mum - via the relevant Australian authorities and with honest intentions. 
They are understandably incredibly busy - and I am sure do not have the resources to look into applications in detail.
 Mums application to travel has been turned down, and we feel stuck, and in limbo. 

I do not want to return to Australia without her - she is my mother and I want to be able to care for her in what is now my home country but
it is proving impossible to penetrate the bureaucracy and restrictions. Of course I understand why these restrictions are in place during a global health crisis
but it doesn’t seem as though there is an opportunity to speak in person to anyone and ask them to look at our application in detail. 

All the time I am away from Melbourne my business is suffering - and important environmental projects I have been working on are falling behind schedule. 
My priority however is getting mum home with me, but nonetheless I am concerned about being away for so long and the worry is impacting my mum too. 

Has anyone had any success with obtaining a travel exemption on compassionate grounds ?

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  • That's an ironic emoji mate. Keep trying if you must, but be prepared to have not just a headache but a migraine. The AU system doesn't appear to be set up to assist it's citizens. Cheers, we're still stranded in France

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