Stranded Skilled Migrants Of Regional Australia (SSMORA)

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Stranded Skilled Migrants Of Regional Australia (SSMORA)

Since Australia closed its borders in March 2020, over 5000 regional subclass 489/491 visa holders have remained stranded in different parts of the world. Our aim is to unite all stranded migrants and create awareness about our struggles, advocate for possible solutions to help us support Australia’s regional economic recovery and secure our future lives in Australia. All of us have invested not just money, but also our time and have had to sacrifice a lot to acquire this visa. Many have sold their belongings, quit their jobs, or were on their way to support Australia’s regional economy to match the skill shortage in these regions.  

However, now our lives remain in a state of limbo.

We understand that the pandemic presents a lot of unknowns, however, we would like to request the government to assure us that our visas will be extended to secure our safe path to Permanent Residency when it is safe to open up Australia to us skilled regional migrants. This will also enable us to boost the Australian regional economy in a sustainable way.

As an organised collective, we wish to reach out to ministers of parliament, media and home affairs officials and request them to offer a solution to our unique situation presented by this once in a lifetime global event.

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