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Our legal rights as Australian citizens are inalienable. Our rights at law cannot be taken away by the government, the courts, ministers of the crown, judges or anyone else.

The government is therefore legally obliged to indemnify all the costs that trapped Australian citizens have incurred as a result of the Australian government effectively locking citizens out of their homes. 

The government may well receive a court order to refund the legitimate costs of stranded citizens as a result of future class action litigation?

But for now, we are obviously dealing with a government that appears to be acting contrary to Australian and international law, so we are going to have to nudge them in the right direction.

A tax strike by, all stranded citizens. will quickly change the politics of the issue. All that is necessary is for victims to state publicly that we are refusing to pay one cent of tax for the period covering our unlawful exile and ensure non payment.

"No taxation without representation," was the slogan of the American revolution, lest we forget..

An will become a running media storyline, create more political and economic headaches for Morrison et al and 'encourage' the Federal government to comply with its legal obligations to Australian citizens. 

It's time to hit the government where it hurts them most - just like they have so carelessly done to us.

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