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Wondering about vaccines and would love to know your thoughts or stories. I was lucky enough to be offered Sinopharm in the country where in am stuck. Obviously I took it, but of course it's not approved in Australia and many other countries. Therefore I'm still classed as not vaccinated even when I get my second dose. What are your thoughts about this? Have a great day

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Following up on my post last week about Citibank hassling me - which I thought was solved. Well they're at it again being totally ridiculous wanting to know the history of every address overseas I've put as a current address. Anyway I shopped around online and opened an everyday account with NAB and have all the access for online banking and a card will make its way to me eventually. Took a while on the phone to organise SMS codes for an overseas number but got it all sorted thanks to a most helpful guy there. I explained the situation about being stuck overseas and needing access to finds and really he couldn't have been more helpful. Wanted to let everyone know in case anyone else is having issues with their Aussie bank. Stay safe! 

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A journalist from the Financial Review is writing a story about stranded Australian citizens who are not going to pay anymore tax until they have been allowed to return home.

The journalist wants to interview several Aussies. 

Can you speak to him?

Yes? Please message me your email address right now.


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Miss my children so much

When my children moved back to Australia a few years ago with their mother, having already built a life around their UK life, the only thing I could do was build a new life of travelling regularly back to Australia to be with them throughout the year. I travelled 4-5 times a year to Australia to spend up to 4 weeks with them at a time. I worked so hard to maintain a close father-child bond with my children, throwing myself into their school life, meeting their teachers, taking them to the cricket and rugby etc, watching their sport, and just and doing everything I possibly could to keep that bond and be a part of their lives. I was proud of what we had achieved together. We had a real relationship despite the distance. All that has been ripped away. I didn't see my boys for a year last year. I managed to get back to Australia in January (after forking out an eye-watering amount, a big chunk of my savings) and was able to be there for my dad passing away. But I couldn't stay there for good, I have a family back in the UK also. I can't afford to come out regularly right now - if I can get on a flight at all. I feel the bond that I worked so so hard to keep with my boys, slipping away. You can only do facetime so much. I miss my boys immeasurably. I need to be able to see them. They need to be able to see me.  

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Thanks to you all for doing this, god bless you.

I’m stranded in Egypt for more than a year, I got about 12 flight cancellations, I got no refund from one airline, I booked a ticket with another airline and still get the same cancellation because of the Australian Government damn Restrictions !

I suffered in every way; psychologically, financially and socially, I’m still stranded even though I contacted the embassy multiple times begging them to assist me in any way but nothing happen. I’m always proud to be Australian, however, what the government doing to its citizens is a betray, immoral and illegal.

Stranded citizens struggling in many ways; losing jobs, experience financial hardship, culture shock, losing accommodation, depression and many more different bad experiences. 

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