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A place for support and collaboration for the Australian Diaspora


Establish platform for Australian citizens & permanent residents to gain constitutional rights to freedom of movement, allowing them to reside, enter and leave Australia when they need to.


Australians, permanent residents, and all people with the legal right to reside and visit Australia their immediate family members can enter and leave Australia without undue / disproportionate restriction, while respecting the public health of Australians in Australia.


  1. Immediate and urgent repatriation of all vulnerable and at risk Australians and permanent residents and their immediate family members
  2. Immediate removal of flight caps via an introduction of a traffic light system utilising home quarantine when viable
  3. Implement quarantine booking system
  4. Immediately address quality & safety issues within quarantine facilities
  5. Introduce means testing for forced-government quarantine fee structure
  6. Recognise the erosion of Democracy in Australia and seek to repeal the various legislation and Government decisions that put democratic values at risk
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Free and Open Australia is a not for profit community organisation established to improve the ability for people to enter and exit Australia.

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