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A journalist from the Financial Review is writing a story about stranded Australian citizens who are not going to pay anymore tax until they have been allowed to return home.

The journalist wants to interview several Aussies. 

Can you speak to him?

Yes? Please message me your email address right now.


  • Hi Ray, as recipients of the age pension, my wife and I don't pay income tax. How do we support this motion? Ian stranded in France 

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    • Hi Ian, public advocacy of a tax strike is useful Really useful.

      We have tried being polite and dutiful and respectful for the past 14 months. Where has this got us? Not far. There has been no cost attached to the Federal Government's indifference to the plight of its citizens so far. We need to upset their calculations because in this life you don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate. 

      The more stranded Australians get involved in the , the more effective it will be.

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