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Miss my children so much

When my children moved back to Australia a few years ago with their mother, having already built a life around their UK life, the only thing I could do was build a new life of travelling regularly back to Australia to be with them throughout the year. I travelled 4-5 times a year to Australia to spend up to 4 weeks with them at a time. I worked so hard to maintain a close father-child bond with my children, throwing myself into their school life, meeting their teachers, taking them to the cricket and rugby etc, watching their sport, and just and doing everything I possibly could to keep that bond and be a part of their lives. I was proud of what we had achieved together. We had a real relationship despite the distance. All that has been ripped away. I didn't see my boys for a year last year. I managed to get back to Australia in January (after forking out an eye-watering amount, a big chunk of my savings) and was able to be there for my dad passing away. But I couldn't stay there for good, I have a family back in the UK also. I can't afford to come out regularly right now - if I can get on a flight at all. I feel the bond that I worked so so hard to keep with my boys, slipping away. You can only do facetime so much. I miss my boys immeasurably. I need to be able to see them. They need to be able to see me.