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Currently we have been stuck in the USA one year now… I am Australian and my husband is American. originally we came to visit my husbands mum who is alone in Florida due to his dad passing away.

We have had canceled flights through Virgin and they refuse to give us a refund or flight credit….plus the boarder closures ..we are beyond upset. My mental and physical health has deteriorated significantly since being here… in the time we were stuck here I was forced to have my baby here as our flight was canceled… I now have $30,000 in medical bills because I did not have health insurance… a 6 month old baby and no primary health care provider to visit because I can NOT afford it here. We have exhausted all our finances and are struggling to supply formula for our child because my milk supply dried up due to unavailable health care and not being able to afford it. I have no idea how my body is now I have had my second baby.. that sounds weird to people who do not have universal health care but in Australia with my first child a nurse checked on me, I went for check ups, I went to my doc when I needed because I wasn’t feeling right or I went to get advice for feeding ect.
The only thing I could afford to do here was take my newborn to his first 3 pediatrician appointments… we also have a now 2 year old who has not seen a doctor in a year and we only just afforded her yearly vaccinations… we have been f’ed over by WellsFargo bank taking money for no reason, we have had our car destroyed on a property my husband was trying to go to TO WORK! He has also been fired from 4 jobs since being here because in Florida it’s a “right to work state” meaning they can fire you for no reason at all.. Just because they feel like it. He worked for a company called “saleshive” they fired him the week I was giving birth because they didn’t like that he was going to have 3 days off to help me… 3 DAYS! We have been struggling with everything ever since…

I am in desperate need of a puffer that I have to pay $45 for with a paid subscription on a app that lets me get at least that cheaper..originally it’s about $65-$80 apparently it fluctuates I don’t know why that is… that’s after I pay to see a doctor to get a prescription for one. I have now been 5 weeks without a puffer my basic human rights are not being met and not for my family either…

I don’t know what to do.. I can’t do this anymore.. My family passed away in Australia last year, I have no house to go back to, no job (I was a nurse), nothing. We just want to get back home to safety and be able to start our family from scratch and I want to visit my family’s grave sites….. 

I’m sorry for the long post, I have not been able to tell anyone my story. I feel so defeated and destroyed. I miss Australia so much it hurts.