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After getting my flight cancelled from NYC to Sydney multiple times, I managed to got a spot in NZ MIQ and thought I could quarantine in NZ then head to Australia on a green flight. Mid-way through my quarantine, Australia shut its borders to NZ. I’m now stuck in NZ with no prospects of getting home any time soon. I’ve now missed the birth of my second child and my wife is stuck caring for a newborn and our 4 year old. I can’t put into words the stress and frustration my family has experienced. Australia has shown little care for its expats. Their government are divided and disorganised with ScoMo being compared to Trump in his handling of the crisis. Such a shame for such a beautiful country. I just want to get home and see my family. 

    • I appreciate that the government trying to protect its citizens from the spread of COVID but I would appreciate also if they try to do something for the stranded families and individuals who are suffering everyday in every aspect, by the way they are also humans and should have human rights and care !!!! Unfortunately Australian government didn’t show any kind of care for its stranded citizens. Therefore it is really shame on who did a such mess in people’s life and scratch the beautiful identity of being Australian. !!!

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