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As we approach the 18 month mark since the travel restrictions were introduced, I find myself looking back and realising with crystal clarity one thing. The Australian Government is mean spirited.

They could have realised early on that travelling to see loved ones is an important right for many millions of Australians.

They could have built pre-fab or re-purposed mining camps quickly so that there was sufficient air-gapped quarantine.

They didn't have to restrict outbound travel.

They could have acted with urgency on making sure that those that wanted to, could have come into the country.

They didn't. 

They sat there and stuck with the hotel quarantine model that was first suggested to help prop up the hospitality industry in the major cities. Knowing all its failings they stuck with it, spruiking lies about it being 99.9% effective when it was anything but. 

They managed its limitations by restricting the number of passengers airlines could carry. Then they lowered that number again, and again, and most recently to a point where next to no people are allowed into the country each day.

Mean spirited, under the guise of "health advice".

I don't think I will ever be able to view my country with patriotism again after this.

Hundreds of thousands of birthdays, funerals, births, deaths, weddings, anniversaries, surgeries, fathers days, mothers days, re-unions and all other important milestones with friends and families, missed.

It didn't have to be this way. Shame on you Australia.

Mean spirited.

    • While I am not Australian, I experienced the same "keep the borders closed and lock people out to keep the numbers down" from the country I am a resident of. That narrative is absolutely false, and I still cannot believe that people believed and subscribed to it. I was stranded for almost 13 months, and it is an experience that I wish for no one. My heart goes out to anyone who was stranded and especially to those who are still stranded today.

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