Welcome to Free&OpenAustralia - a place for support and collaboration for those that are unable to return to Australia, our home.
Our Goals:
  1. Immediate and urgent repatriation of all vulnerable and at risk Australians and permanent residents and their immediate family members
  2. Immediate removal of flight caps via an introduction of a traffic light system utilising home quarantine when viable
  3. Implement quarantine booking system
  4. Immediately address quality & safety issues within quarantine facilities
  5. Introduce means testing for forced-government quarantine fee structure
  6. Recognise the erosion of Democracy in Australia and seek to repeal the various legislation and Government decisions that put democratic values at risk
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I have, I am married thou, which is easier, covid is a double edged sword thou. It took hardly anytime for the approval. 

I wonder why now after so long and what they will be used for after this pandemic? Are the people in power expecting another one to arrive soon ?

So spot on, articulate and a passionate report from Sarah Coates, thank you for sharing it.. and thanks to Sarah for speaking up..I do tell people the same story and the facts in a different European Country to Israel, though with  a less passion and more depression as the time elapses...waiting for a more reasonable, logical and pragmatic way for the Australian government to implement...

Thanks Kylie, I know😔 

From Perth-Sydney-Los Angeles-New York, it cost us $15,000 AUD for 3 Great Danes.
Our return is only with 2 Great Danes.. We get that it is harder transporting animals back in to Australia but the caps & major Australian airlines not being allowed to fly make it even more expensive & harder.

We also have the costs to get ourselves back, prior to these reduced caps; for 2 adults to fly Qatar Airlines in mid-October it was going to be about $4,500 USD.. now for the exact same time it is $25,000 USD.

Absolutely criminal prices 😪 How do they expect the ordinary person to pay for that, especially during COVID times with unemployment?!  How much did it cost to transport the dogs to the US in the first place?