Welcome to Free&OpenAustralia - a place for support and collaboration for those that are unable to return to Australia, our home.
Our Goals:
  1. Immediate and urgent repatriation of all vulnerable and at risk Australians and permanent residents and their immediate family members
  2. Immediate removal of flight caps via an introduction of a traffic light system utilising home quarantine when viable
  3. Implement quarantine booking system
  4. Immediately address quality & safety issues within quarantine facilities
  5. Introduce means testing for forced-government quarantine fee structure
  6. Recognise the erosion of Democracy in Australia and seek to repeal the various legislation and Government decisions that put democratic values at risk
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For anyone feeling generous… please read and share my story… I will go to any length to see my family 


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For those of you in London, don't forget the Vigil at Australia House at 3PM UK Time, SUNDAY 19 September

More info at:


Event will be also live streamed from 13:00 here:


Please attend the event if you can and share the links.