Welcome to Free&OpenAustralia - a place for support and collaboration for those that are unable to return to Australia, our home.
Our Goals:
  1. Immediate and urgent repatriation of all vulnerable and at risk Australians and permanent residents and their immediate family members
  2. Immediate removal of flight caps via an introduction of a traffic light system utilising home quarantine when viable
  3. Implement quarantine booking system
  4. Immediately address quality & safety issues within quarantine facilities
  5. Introduce means testing for forced-government quarantine fee structure
  6. Recognise the erosion of Democracy in Australia and seek to repeal the various legislation and Government decisions that put democratic values at risk
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It's been years since I've seen friends in Australia, and another year is about to tick over. The viral cases there are growing despite the geniuses downunder locking out its citizens and forcefully vaccinating people, mentally torturing them. Well, I'm about to give up the idea of enjoying the Australian Summer in 2022 catching up with friends and make other travel plans instead. I caught covid several months ago, tested positive and recovered and it was no big deal, just a week of fever and severe fatigue, and three weeks of mild fatigue. My case of covid did not cost the local health system anything. Supposedly to protect "other" people I'm supposed to take an experimental vaccine which barely prevents covid and brings with it risks of blood clots and heart problems before I can reasonably travel to the only country where I am a citizen. The wish to go there goes away again, but it is a reduction of quality of life leaving behind friends like this and seriously degrades the value of holding a citizenship there rather than somewhere else. I don't think any other country in the world has locked out its citizens in this way.

We were stranded and got back after 13 months. ScoMo & Co left us for dead in Ethiopia. However, it flew back murderers: 23 TPLF sympathisers in December 2020 – and 200 kg of Ethiopian gold. I'll work until I'm 70 to pay for the stranding. Is there are a class action against the Australian government?

In the photo, we're being fed by Ethiopians – they did not strand their own citizens and care for more than 5 million refugees. Shame, Australia.

I just have to vent my anger! 

DFAT = Denizens Forgotten And Trashed

DFAT = Don't F***ing Arrange Travel

DFAT = Do Forget About Tammy & Timmy

The name says it all! Dept of Foreign Affairs & Trade  Nowhere does it mention Australian citizens and Permanent Residents I'm certain that within the parameters of the said department the can pat themselves on their collective backs and say,"Job done!"   

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The Australian National Audit Office is looking for contributions to this audit.

Now is your chance to let the National Audit Office know how you feel about DFAT’s handling of returning Stranded Aussies.

Don’t miss this opportunity to tell them how you were affected

SUBMISSIONS CLOSE Sunday 31 October 2021 – don’t delay!


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Hi. I'm stuck in NZ. Terminated our home lease in Wellington, freighted the furniture back to WA, sold the car, then, 2 days before our flight, all flights cancelled!  Tried to get on red flights twice - no luck.  Seats sold out in seconds.  How does this happen?  How is it fair?  Wrote to AirNZ about it.  No reply. DFAT cant or wont help. Wrote to many politicians - sympathy but no action. No idea when we can get back to WA. Now living in Waikanae on the charity of our friends. Will consider flights to most states in Australia.

Curious to know how many other Aussies are in NZ.

Or if anyone has info related to potential up-coming flights from NZ to Australia.