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I hear you. Not seen my husband in almost 18 months.   Hugs and prayers to you and your wife.

I’m Australian and my wife is a permanent resident, we’ve been overseas for my work as a pilot (which is not so great at the moment). After more than 6 years of trying for a child we were finally blessed with one however we were forced to have him in Moldova as we could not return home. Thankfully due to him being stateless the Australian government approved his Australian citizenship very quickly, we are now awaiting his passport and hoping to return home next month. He is 3 months old. My wife and I are both fully vaccinated with Pfizer and hoping to return to home quarantine 

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Patrick this is a truly upsetting story to read and I’m so sorry this has been your reality.

Please know that there are people who care and if I can do anything that may help - could you please let me know.


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